Collection: Rosie Sugden Cashmere

British based designer Rosie Sugden founded her eponymous label in 2011. A graduate in Knitwear Design, her accessories line combines her idiosyncratic take on contemporary design with the inherent natural beauty of Scottish Cashmere, brought out through extraordinary craftsmanship.

Her designs are hugely influenced by her surroundings, be they the rolling hills of Scotland where she is based , or the striking landscapes of countries she has visited on her global travels in search of cultural inspiration. These aspects of art, fashion, and culture are reflected in each individual Rosie Sugden collection and we hope you will get as much pleasure in owning and wearing these unique designs, as Rosie has had in creating them.

We are extremely proud to work with Rosie, especially as she lives just down the road! I have to admit that Cashmere bed-socks are my absolute indulgence and guilty pleasure. You cannot beat having a freshly made bed, just out of the shower into clean pj’s with a pair of these super soft socks on your feet! Bliss.

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